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Thang Long Cement Company supported 84 million VND for medical treatment to Mr. Tran Dinh Hiep - the company's employee - has been involved in traffic accident.

On 27th September 2018, Union Member Mr.Tran Dinh Hiep as worker of Cement Packing Section met serious traffic accident (torn trachea, crack of hand born and traumatic brain injury) leading to various injuries with complicated developments, which is predicted for his long term treatment at hospital with huge treatment expenses. Mr.Hiep and his wife are the workers of our plant. During his treatment time at the hospital, his wife must leave for long time to take care of her husband, therefore, it makes more burden on their family finance.

Father of Mr. Tran Dinh Hiep - received 84million VND from Executive Committee of TLCC's Trade Union

With the spirit of mutual sympathy, love connection, the Executive Committee of TLCC’s Trade Union has launched the volunteer spirit to all employees. The employees volunteered to contribute, jointly support to share difficulties with Mr.Hiep’s family and help him to have additional funds for treatment. The amount supported by the employees is VND64,050,000. The Board of Directors also paid attention, visited and supported VND20,000,000 by the company. In addition to VND84,050,000 in cash (eighty-four million, fifty thousand VND) through the Executive Committee of Trade Union, some employees also directly supported him by bank transfer aiming to share difficulties with his family to overcome this incident.

The representative of Trade Union Executive Committee and the company visited and directly presented the supporting amount to Mr.Hiep. Although the value is not big, it owns a great of meaning, expressing good spirit of solidarity, sharing, the good leaves protect the worn-out leaves in accordance with Vietnamese culture as supporting each other to overcome difficult period.


Source: Marketing Department